Supremo 4k: Your Affordable Summer Gadget

Here comes summer and the countless trips to the beach and mountains with our friends. What better way to capture these moments on the go but with an action cam! These cameras how ever usually costs an arm and a leg but then here comes the Supremo group. Their latest offering, the Supremo 4K.

Supremo 4k offers 4k recording capability that packs more pixels to your screen. This means that digitally zooming in or cropping your videos will result to better quality. Like other expensive action cams, Supremo 4k sports a Ultrawide Angle Lens that will give you better coverage of landscapes making it perfect specially for landscape or travel photography.

The best thing about this is that it actually is uber affordable. Supremo 4k’s SRp is just about 3,800 pesos. It comes complete with all the fixtures that you need to take it with you on your adventures like biking, skydiving or even go dive under water!


It may not be a fancy action cam but this is a good place to start with your adventures! Wondering how the outputs are? Don’t forget to like our facebook page to be updated we’ll post our gear review soon!