5 Things To Do In Bantayan Island

Bantayan island is a small piece of paradise north of the main island of Cebu. The island is not as popular as the beaches of Boracay or Palawan so it can be a perfect hideaway for people who like some peace and quite by them selves with friends or family.

Here are a few of the things that you can do while in Bantayan Island.

1. Walk along the fine sands of Sugar Beach.

My favorite thing about bantayan island is the white powdery sand of Sugar beach. Its fine sand really feels good as you walk on a cool afternoon. If you want to stay real near Sugar beach (even beachfront) you can find lots of good accommodations that are friendly on the pocket.

2. Bike around the island

As we step out from the ferry from Hagnayan a ton of tricycle drivers offered us transportation but one of them caught my attention when I replied that there is someone picking us up. The driver offered me if I want to rent a scooter or a motor bike for only 250.00 pesos (roughly around $6) good for 24 hours and 150.00 pesos for bikes. That’s a great bargain for me!

3. Swim at the Ogtong Cave

One of the key features that the island is proud of is the Ogtong Cave. It is inside a private resort so you’d need to pay for a day tour fee to get inside and swim, otherwise if you are a guest of the resort, of course you are free to swim anytime as you wish.

Note:  No pictures here coz we were busy doing #5

4. Island Hopping

5. Bum around the beach and watch the sun rise and set!

The resort that we stayed at was on a very strategic place hence we can see the sun set and sunrise from where we were. Just laying around soaking under the sun is the best (for me) activity that there is to do in a beautiful beach like this.


5 Traveler Must Have Apps

In this day and age of technological advancements traveling has never been so much easier than before. Thanks to the invention of coding (and the smart phone of course), different applications can now be downloaded to your phones of which most are free. These applications will definitely help you not just navigate from A to B, but also keep your within your budget on the road.


1.  Google Maps

Who would have not have these on their phone, ey? Uhm…. iPhone users i guess? Well  I am not really quite sure if iPhone users have this or not but if can download it, go ahead! Google probably has the largest database of roads mapped out on an application. So instead of carrying that big paper map why not trade it with an easy to use app like Google Maps?


2. Train Apps

Major cities throughout the world are densely populated if not widely spread to several square kilometers. For this reason most of these cities have their own Metro (train) system to move people around the metropolis. Luckily, there are apps available like Trainsity for most metros in major cities. But make sure to research more about this because cities like Hong Kong have their own super cool app for their MTR which tells you how, where and when to transfer and get off on a station to get to where you want to be!MTR App

3. Google Translate

You might think that this thing wont actually work offline, well maybe for some functions but it is really handy having this app in times where no one would seem to know how to speak English or your language. To make sure that you don’t run out of luck specially if you are off the grid, download the language packs so that it will still work even without internet connection, brilliant ey!?


4. Weather App

Seriously this is one of the most important thing that I use. I actually double check this before I leave my house going to the airport, crazy me huh!? Not really. It is important that you check and double check the weather of your final destination, you don’t want to be over dressed if there’s a heatwave going on or freeze if there was a sudden snow fall right?


5. Currency App

Making sure you exchange enough money to another currency is a vital thing if you want to keep up with you budget when you are on the road. That is why having a currency conversion app is really helpful in making those decision that could possibly hurt your budget if you do not think carefully. There are bunches of them out there but I personally recommend the XE Currency Converter, it is simple and fast and handy.

Any apps that we missed out there that you think should be part of this list? Let us know on the comments section below.


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5 Ways To Make Your Luggage Unique

One of the things that I hate most about checking in luggage is the difficulty in spotting yours specially if you have those generic luggage that just blends in perfectly with the rest in carousel.

So we’ve came up with some Ideas that you can use in making your own luggage easier to spot and most specially having your luggage mistakenly taken by another passenger.


1. Stickers

Express your creativity and character through stickers. Put as much as you can on your luggage to make it more distinct from others. Put stickers that you buy from each destination that you go to making your luggage an instant travel scrap book.

luggagephoto from niutoday.info

2. Ribbons and Fabrics

Probably the most trick that a lot of people use, but putting a good number or combination of ribbons and even fabrics will surely make your luggage stand out from that bag pile in the airport.


3. Spray Paint

I remember the day when the kid wonder Shaira Luna was finder her space in this world, she took  jobs as an artist in a shop in malls like Robinsons Galleria where she paints over plain canvas shoes creating works of art! So I thought why not spray paint or doodle over your luggage!? I’m sure that you’ll spot yours!

painted on bag

From Behance.net


from  studentz.squidoo.com

4. Bag Huggers

essential6from zest-inflight.com

 5. Oversized/Big Bagtags

Bag tags are good but they are small and not that easy to see if your bag is on a pile of moving luggage if they are hard to see from afar, so what better way to maximize its effectiveness. It would be a lot more fun if you could make your own unique bag tags!


from lovestamps.com


Which ever way you decide to mark your bag, the important thing is that you make your luggage visible and identifiable even from afar. Remember you can never go overboard in securing your property the easier to spot the better.

Do you have other Ideas in making your luggage unique? Let us know on the comments below!

10 Most Popular Beaches In The Philippines

You’ve been itching to go to the beach but you just don’ t know where to go to as there’s just too many to choose from! Well worry no more because we listed here the most popular beaches in the Philippines.

Click on the links below to read more about these destinations coming from your favorite travel bloggers!

1. Boracay

Indisputably one of the top beaches in the World this paradise lies just about an hour away via plane from Manila. It has been hailed by various travel companies and organization as well as news companies as the best paradise on Earth for numerous times already.

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2. Pagudpud

“At the beach, I did enjoy the company of the resort’s beach guide dog. I felt like vacationing in my own private property because I was alone in the whole stretch of the beach.”

See Karl’s pagudpud adventure at TuristaTrails.com

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Pagudpud by TuristaTrails.comPagudpud; Photo by TuristaTrails.com

3. Puerto Galera

Just a stone throw away from Manila is Puerto Galera who’s bay has been recognized as the most beautiful bay in the world for a number of times now. But for the busy people of Manila Puerto Galera’s White Beach means respite from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

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4. El Nido

“El Nido is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. It’s a picturesque sleepy fishing village, tucked into a limestone karst surrounded bay.”

Read more about Nathalie’s love affair with the beaches of El Nido at MyWanderingSoles.com

El Nido by Nathalie of  mywanderingsoles.comEl Nido by Nathalie

5. Subic

Probably the easiest beach area to reach if you are coming from Manila. The Subic area was a former US Naval base and it’s bay is lined up with beautiful beaches that is ideal for family bonding and a quick escape from the office.

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6. Laiya/San Juan, Batangas

“The beach area served as our playground as one strong family, concert ground for voices of laughter and grandstand in proclamation of our endearing UNITY. Indeed! The place is perfect for group activities/events, family outing, barkada get-away or even solo eskapo.”

See Jeff’s photowalk  adventure with his team in Laiya at TravelingMorion.com

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7. Pearl Farm


8. Alona Beach

Probably the most famous beach of Panglao and Bohol, Alona is a public beach with fine sand that anyone would love to play at. Alona Beach’s shore is quite shorter than its more famous counterparts plus the establishments right on the beaches aren’t helping. Alona’s beach is really nice but I think it could still be a lot more beautiful if it is taken cared more of.

9. Baler

Considered as Northern Philippines surfing capital the town of Baler faces the Pacific Ocean hence the big beautiful waves that surfes love the most. Baler is about four to five hours away from Manila through a scenic road way that cuts through the mountainous region of the Aurora province.

10 Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves


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