My Aussie Fascination

I’ve been fascinated by the land down under ever since I was a kid. I mean those cutie patootie Koalas and Kangaroos are just so adorable. Blame it on network TV cartoons! Hahaha. But seriously, Australia seems to be a world of its own, full of adventure spread over a vast land of mystery.

Now that I’ve already transitioned to being a Digital Nomad, I now have the freedom to travel as much as I want. That is as long as I have access to the internet. I’m pretty sure thought that it won’t be a problem in Australia.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been toying with the idea of flying to Australia but I am still at the very early stages of planning my trip. to tell you the truth though, I am very excited about it.

Planning The Trip

I started searching for the cheapest flights first. Yep this is how I start my trips. To save, you have to be flexible. Thank goodness for sites like Kayak  I can easily find cheap flights to the land down under. Yeah, there are other flight booking websites, but honestly it’s kinda hard to trust those “other sites”. I may be a cheap traveler but of course, I try to stay smart as well and stick to industry trusted websites.

The List

Cliche as it may sound, I try to make a list. I write down the places that I want to see. This list eventually becomes my itinerary. I include what are their opening hours, fees if any and what are the best times to visit them.

Here are the places on my list that I plan to see, most of them are in Melbourne. I thought of seeing Australia one city at a time for now and I think Melbourne is a great place to start.

Opera House

Built at the end of the 1950’s, this architectural marvel caught my fascination with its Sails like roof that seem to face the Sydney Harbor ready voyage across the seas. But my fascination with the Opera House does not end there. The building, unknown to many is one of the few auditoriums around the world that was built by Bolt, Beranek & Newman; The same company that constructed the acoustics of the PhilAm Theater in the Philippines, The United Nations Assembly Hall and the Lincoln Center to name some. I want to experience and see how similar or different each projects are.

Sidney Bridge

Yep the bridge and I am not even just talking about at just staring at it. I want to climb it! I saw a few videos on YouTube where people climb the support structure of the bridge. It looks so much fun…. ermmm… unless I get some panic attack! Hahaha! Well… one thing remains, I still want to try it. Maybe at night though spend a couple of hours just admiring the bridge it self and tell my self, good job! You just overcame another challenge for your self!

Coffee Shops

I remember Erwan Heussaf said on his latest overnight video, what the world knows as next wave coffee shops are just but the ordinary coffee shops Melbournian have always known. I am a coffee enthusiast if not, an addict. I love tasting coffee and experience how different they are from one place to another. It tells a one’s city’s character and culture by how people treat its coffee. Do I sound a coffee addict already? But yes that is very true for the most part, that is why I wouldn’t want to miss tasting Melbourne’s coffees.

The Botanic Gardens

Green spaces are something that Filipinos who live in the metropoilis aren’t well versed of. This is something that I don’t experience much due to poor urban planning. That is why every time I visit another country, I take time visiting green spaces like the Royal Botanic Gardens. Lame as it may sound but seeing beautiful green spaces for me is enough reason to travel.

I know there’s just so much more to see and do in Melbourne. But hey, I am just starting out. I hear from lots of long time travelers that Australia is a great country to backpack around like the Indochina region; I have no doubts about it. I feel that starting out in this city will give me a good feel of how I can navigate around the continent and meet fellow travelers who are starting out their journey.

Exploring a new country always gives me that certain high that I cannot explain. May be its because of the randomness or unpredictability of what could happen next. Beyond the highs that you anticipate, you should never skip through planning specially if your are travelling on a budget. Sure things may not always go as planned but having that certain direction can always lead you to great adventures!


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