Review: Best Priced Hotels Via Traveloka

As backpackers we are always in the search for the best priced accommodation without  compromising value for our hard earned money. Each one of us may have downloaded every travel app there is on the planet comparing prices to save on every cent that we can.  Then comes this killer travel app, Traveloka! Things I […]

Liwliwa: Lubong-Nanguloan Falls

Apart from the beautiful waves, another attraction in Liwliwa is the Lubong-Nanguloan falls. A lot of articles online refer to it as Anghalo Falls so I was quite confused when I saw the sign saying Lubong-Nanguloan Falls. The falls is actually a three tier fall. Unfortunately since the dry season has started already, two of […]

Manila Flights Cancelled and Adjusted

Due to an upcoming radar maintenance in Tagaytay city.Advisories from airlines with flights going to and from Manila are slowly coming in. Although not all flights are cancelled some are have been readjusted as work around. Here are the announcements per Airline Company Air Asia   Philippine Airlines     Cebu Pacific Air CEB Advisory – […]

Liwliwa Hostel: La Zerena Beach Resort

Searching for a private room in Liwliwa, San Felipe Zambales can be difficult on a weekend when everything is almost fully booked. Good thing we wandered a bit more and found La Zerena just across Circle Hostel. We took one of their nipa huts that is good for two to three persons. The comfort rooms […]

Travel Guide: Liw-liwa Zambales Itinerary

Zambales offers a lot of options when it comes to advnture. You can go climb mountains, swim rivers but my favorite of all are its beaches. Yes Zambales does not have those pristine white sands just like in the visayas, but they are as close as three hours from Manila and offers a lot of […]

Tokyo Metro: Making Tokyo A Smaller Place; Easier

If you are traveling on a budget, the best way probably to navigate a city is through the train. However, the Tokyo Subway system has been known to be one confusing and difficult tangling rail lines. This might be Over the past couple of years, the Tokyo Metro has been working hard to improve their […]

Baguio: Mount Costa Living Gardens

Just off of the city of Baguio, a new attraction just opened up in La Trinidad Benguet. Yeah it’s technically not in Baguio but it still is just a few minutes travel from the city. This is Mount Costa. According to its website, Mount Costa is a garden of gardens filled with beautiful scenery where you […]

Ultimate PTAA Travel Expo 2017 Guide

Okay, Calm down… yes it is just about three days away. The BIGGEST TRAVEL event in the country!!!! And no I am not exaggerating with all of those exclamation points, IT IS the biggest! So we’ve come up with some minor stalking on the internet to give you information on how you can navigate and […]

Bambanti Festival: The North’s Grandest Festival

It is said that in the Philippines have at least one festival or fiesta somewhere in the country every single day. With over 7 thousand islands there sure is one waiting for you! The most famous ones namely Sinulog, Dinagyang and Panagbenga are all great but sometimes it gets too crowded and you just can’t […]

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