Food: Ol’ Pub San Juan La Union

Situated in the thriving surf town of San Juan, La Union Ol’ Pub opened its doors three months ago. We were graciously invited to taste their diverse menu on our last night in La Union. Ol’ Pub exudes a young and energetic theme that’s great when bonding with friends after a good day’s surfing. I love their big bikes displayed in the pub pumping that youthful vibe.

Ol Pub La Union

Ol Pub La Union

Ol Pub La Union

We were given a free hand on what to order on whatever was on the menu, must say that they are pretty confident with the quality of their food allowing us to do this.

Cocktails and Drinks

Ol Pub signature – dark run malibu pineapple juice dash of grenadine. This is perfect while having casual conversations with friends, has that kick but doesn’t knocks you down…. I love the how it just creeps in.

I also must mention that beers are priced perfectly. Just take a table and not worry about how your bill is going to be, I tell you, you’ll be surprised how cheap they are thinking that the place is nicely set up.

Ol Pub La Union

The Food

Ol Pub La Union

Tuna Kilawin – if you don’t like fish, order this! The dish will make you regret that you hate fish. Ol’ Pub just takes the Tuna to a whole new different dimension. The spiciness of the dish is just right as it elevates the experience but doesn’t takes over the whole dish. How spicy? just right nothing to be alarmed of.

Ol Pub La Union

Summer Salad – A medley of fresh greens fruits drizzled with their recipe of a  special strawberry vinaigrette that will remind you of summer. The playful texture of the salad just climbs as the dash of nuts rolls into your mouth. This is a totally must order off of the menu! Our favorite!

Ol Pub La Union

Quarter Rosemary Chicken – Rosted to perfection the rice dish is served with whole spinach leaves. But I don’t eat rice, yeah I know I’m crazy, but you know what I really enjoyed this dish as I roll the chicken meat in the spinach that giving a refreshing experience to your mouth while the cucumber refreshes your tongue preparing you for your next bite of heaven.

Ol Pub La Union

Tapa – reminiscnt of the classic Filipino TapSiLog Ol’ Pub’s served with coleslaw to tame the spiciness. Some may say that this dish tastes ordinary but if you have a bit of a sensitive taste bud you’ll definitely savor on the subtle innovations they’ve made on the dish without deviating much from the Tapa that we’ve all grown to love.

Ol Pub La Union

Around San Juan, I can feel the community’s effort to promote and support each local business that there is in the town and Ol’ Pub is no exception. They try to source their ingredients locally and staff their pub with locals, yep even the chef is an ElYu local. Ol’ Pub is located near Circle Hostel in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. Now we know what to eat before we party, we’ll have to stay beyond dinner time next time so we can experience their awesome party hours!

Travel Guide: Liw-liwa Zambales Itinerary

Zambales offers a lot of options when it comes to advnture. You can go climb mountains, swim rivers but my favorite of all are its beaches. Yes Zambales does not have those pristine white sands just like in the visayas, but they are as close as three hours from Manila and offers a lot of activities that the family can enjoy.

Liwliwa Zambales

Liw-liwa is small coastal community in Zambales with a vibrant surfing scene. The beach may not be as soft and as white as the others but it offers a huge beach area where you can just enjoy laying out under the sun while watching surfing to their stuff.

As you emerge from the community to the beach you will also be amazed by how raw this area is (I just hope that this would stay the way it is). The beach is lined up not with coconut trees but with pine trees with the towering mountains of Zambales behind them. I couldn’t help my self but just stare at it for minutes!


How To Go To Liw-liwa

From EDSA Take a bus going to Iba Zambales (or anything going past Zambales)
Tell the Conductor to unload you at Bobulan Elementary School in San Felipe, Zambales
Incase they aren’t familiar with the school just alight in their stop for San Felipe
Take a tricycle going to Liw-liwa

Liwliwa Zambales

Where To Stay

Since I was with a friend we opted to stay in a private hut in La Zerena Resort but if you are solo or you and your friends would like to meet new people I highly suggest to stay in The Circle Hostel which is just right across La Zerena or a better alternative is the HideOut Hostel.


Caloocan (Victory Liner) – San Felipe – Caloocan         564.00 (282/way)
Accommodation                                                                   600.00 (1200 good for two)
Surf Board Rental (Half Day)                                              400.00
Tricycle Service to Falls                                                      250.00
Falls Entrance                                                                         50.00

Total                                                                                  1,614.00


The most convenient place to get almost everything that you need is at Fely’s Store and Canteen. They have a meal menu mostly Tapsis starting around 75.00, Fruit shakes at about 50.oo and other things that you may need including personal necessities.

liwliwa zambales


Day 1

04:00 ETD Victory Liner Caloocan
09:00 ETA Sitio Liw-liwa, San Felipe, Zambales
09:30 Breakfast
10:00 ETD going to Lubong-Nangoloan Falls
11:30 ETD Back to Sitio Liw-liwa
12:00 Lunch / Free Time
13:30 Beach Bumming/ Surfing
17:30 – 18:00 Sunset
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Onwards Socials/Bonfire

Day 2

07:00 Wakeup Call
07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Beach
10:30 Prep for checkout
11:00 Checkout
11:30 Lunch
12:30 ETD to Caloocan
18:00 ETA Caloocan

liwliwa zambales


You can bring your own tent, the beach is huge you can just pitch your tent for free.
There are toilets that you can pay to use.
Bring a garbage bag and bring your trash with you, locals are very particular about cleanliness of the beach
If you opt to stay in a room, call ahead of time and reserve. They get fully booked easily on weekends.
Fruitshakes are aweosme
If you plan to go to the falls ask for the husband of the massage therapist at the resort on La Zerena’s right.