Travel Guide: Taiwan

It is one of the places that really does not exist and as Anthony Bourdain said it, It could have been how China (PRC) is today who has turned its back from its culture and tradition.

Taiwan actually can be considered as a country or a province of China depending on your nationality as some countries do recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) over The People’s Republic of China (mainland) and some the other way around. For me that is actually one of the interesting things that I learned about Taiwan how difficult it could be and how wonderful it is to be living in Formosa, the beautiful island of Taiwan.

Visa Requirements

Taiwan has visa waiver programs for some countries depending on your countries diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. For Filipinos there are two ways on how you can be granted entry to Taiwan.

You can either get a Entry Permit through online or you may also apply for a visa through the Economic and Cultural Office of Taiwan.

You may visit these blogs for more information:

For other nationalities please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site to check how you can obtain yours or if you even need one.

Points of Interest



Getting around Taiwan is relatively easy as the whole island can be accessed through its well planned High-Speed Rail (HSR), Light/Metro Rail and bus systems.

The island has two metro systems one in Taipei and the other in Kaoshung. Both cities are connected through their HSR so it’s actually like being in one big city.

You may buy a reloadable Easy Card  that you can use for trains and buses or buy a token each time you ride the train. You can also use your easy card in purchasing items from department stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. Check their website for other transport options that you can avail.

You can find the whole scope of usage for your Easy Card HERE


Though Taiwan is not a popular destination for backpacking, Taiwan especially Taipei hosts a lot of backpacking accomodation. There are popular booking sites where you can place reservations where some do not even ask for any reservations fee to secure a room!

Here are some accommodations that your favorite travel bloggers recommend.


Food can easily be found just about anywhere you look at. Taipei has a lot of foreign chains that has established good presence so there’s always some sort of safety net that you can turn to. But if you are going to look for Taiwanese food there’s always the night market and you can find food just about anywhere. Food prices ranges at about NT 60-100  and up for a good meal