How to Make the Most of Your Time in Bangkok

Bangkok is a popular destination and often the first port of call for anyone who’s visiting Thailand for the first time.

The capital city never stops, with busy streets, constant traffic and famous nightlife all combining to create that unique Bangkok atmosphere.

It’s natural to want to see and do as much as you possibly can when you visit, especially once you get caught up in all the hustle and bustle, but it can be tricky to know where to start. To help you out, here are four things you can do to make the most of your time in Bangkok.

  (Photo by Jordan Le on Unsplash)

Get to know the city’s history

You can read about history and you can view photographs of notable buildings, but nothing compares to seeing an important site in person.

Luckily, Bangkok has a fascinating past and there’s plenty to explore, including the enormous dazzling Grand Palace, nearby Wat Po, with its giant reclining gold Buddha, and Jim Thompson House, the home of an American who moved to Thailand and disappeared without a trace in 1967.

These are popular destinations, so set off early in the morning to make the most of your time there before the large crowds descend.

Browse the markets

There’s a huge variety of markets in Bangkok. They can provide hours of entertainment, with stalls selling everything from antiques and homemade crafts to clothing and flowers, and are the ideal place for picking up any souvenirs or presents for people back home.

Make sure you haggle to get a bargain — aim for a 25–30% discount.

(Photo by Harvey Enrile on Unsplash)

Sample the street food

Some of the most delicious food you’ll find in Bangkok is sold from stalls on the street. The pad Thai is the best you’ll find and even made it onto 1Cover’s list of foods worth travelling for.

The entire experience is one to be savoured — order your dish, watch it being prepared, then sit at one of the tables on the pavement, and watch the people pass by as you enjoy your meal.

Can’t decide what to have? A street food tour is perfect because it gives you the opportunity to try lots of different dishes, including those you might not have picked out if you were by yourself. You’ll also get the perspective of a local and gain a better understanding of the city’s culture.

Escape to a park

Green space is always appreciated all the more when you’re in a big, bustling city, and luckily Bangkok has some beautiful parks for you to enjoy after a busy day of sightseeing.

There’s something for everyone, whether you want to take a ride on a bike or paddle boat, use sports facilities like tennis courts and swimming pools, or simply sit back on the grass and relax.

Wherever you decide to head to in Bangkok, you’re sure to enjoy the history, culture and food, and return home with lifelong memories.



5 Traveler Must Have Apps

In this day and age of technological advancements traveling has never been so much easier than before. Thanks to the invention of coding (and the smart phone of course), different applications can now be downloaded to your phones of which most are free. These applications will definitely help you not just navigate from A to B, but also keep your within your budget on the road.


1.  Google Maps

Who would have not have these on their phone, ey? Uhm…. iPhone users i guess? Well  I am not really quite sure if iPhone users have this or not but if can download it, go ahead! Google probably has the largest database of roads mapped out on an application. So instead of carrying that big paper map why not trade it with an easy to use app like Google Maps?


2. Train Apps

Major cities throughout the world are densely populated if not widely spread to several square kilometers. For this reason most of these cities have their own Metro (train) system to move people around the metropolis. Luckily, there are apps available like Trainsity for most metros in major cities. But make sure to research more about this because cities like Hong Kong have their own super cool app for their MTR which tells you how, where and when to transfer and get off on a station to get to where you want to be!MTR App

3. Google Translate

You might think that this thing wont actually work offline, well maybe for some functions but it is really handy having this app in times where no one would seem to know how to speak English or your language. To make sure that you don’t run out of luck specially if you are off the grid, download the language packs so that it will still work even without internet connection, brilliant ey!?


4. Weather App

Seriously this is one of the most important thing that I use. I actually double check this before I leave my house going to the airport, crazy me huh!? Not really. It is important that you check and double check the weather of your final destination, you don’t want to be over dressed if there’s a heatwave going on or freeze if there was a sudden snow fall right?


5. Currency App

Making sure you exchange enough money to another currency is a vital thing if you want to keep up with you budget when you are on the road. That is why having a currency conversion app is really helpful in making those decision that could possibly hurt your budget if you do not think carefully. There are bunches of them out there but I personally recommend the XE Currency Converter, it is simple and fast and handy.

Any apps that we missed out there that you think should be part of this list? Let us know on the comments section below.


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