Ultimate PTAA Travel Expo 2017 Guide

Okay, Calm down… yes it is just about three days away. The BIGGEST TRAVEL event in the country!!!! And no I am not exaggerating with all of those exclamation points, IT IS the biggest!

So we’ve come up with some minor stalking on the internet to give you information on how you can navigate and snag that promo fare or package for you to enjoy.

Intel #1 Business Hours and Entrance Fee

Be at the venue early like waaaay not 10AM. If you come on time, you are already late! And you will be at the end a long line of people wanting to get the best travel deals that there is for the year.

Travel Expo


Intel #2 Floor Plan

Know where your target is, like for me I want to get those sweet deals from PAL so

Travel Expo Travel Expo


Intel #3 Participants

Here are the participating companies this year!

Travel Expo Travel Expo Travel Expo Travel Expo



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