10 Most Popular Beaches In The Philippines

You’ve been itching to go to the beach but you just don’ t know where to go to as there’s just too many to choose from! Well worry no more because we listed here the most popular beaches in the Philippines.

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1. Boracay

Indisputably one of the top beaches in the World this paradise lies just about an hour away via plane from Manila. It has been hailed by various travel companies and organization as well as news companies as the best paradise on Earth for numerous times already.

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2. Pagudpud

“At the beach, I did enjoy the company of the resort’s beach guide dog. I felt like vacationing in my own private property because I was alone in the whole stretch of the beach.”

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Pagudpud by TuristaTrails.comPagudpud; Photo by TuristaTrails.com

3. Puerto Galera

Just a stone throw away from Manila is Puerto Galera who’s bay has been recognized as the most beautiful bay in the world for a number of times now. But for the busy people of Manila Puerto Galera’s White Beach means respite from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

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4. El Nido

“El Nido is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. It’s a picturesque sleepy fishing village, tucked into a limestone karst surrounded bay.”

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El Nido by Nathalie of  mywanderingsoles.comEl Nido by Nathalie

5. Subic

Probably the easiest beach area to reach if you are coming from Manila. The Subic area was a former US Naval base and it’s bay is lined up with beautiful beaches that is ideal for family bonding and a quick escape from the office.

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6. Laiya/San Juan, Batangas

“The beach area served as our playground as one strong family, concert ground for voices of laughter and grandstand in proclamation of our endearing UNITY. Indeed! The place is perfect for group activities/events, family outing, barkada get-away or even solo eskapo.”

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7. Pearl Farm


8. Alona Beach

Probably the most famous beach of Panglao and Bohol, Alona is a public beach with fine sand that anyone would love to play at. Alona Beach’s shore is quite shorter than its more famous counterparts plus the establishments right on the beaches aren’t helping. Alona’s beach is really nice but I think it could still be a lot more beautiful if it is taken cared more of.

9. Baler

Considered as Northern Philippines surfing capital the town of Baler faces the Pacific Ocean hence the big beautiful waves that surfes love the most. Baler is about four to five hours away from Manila through a scenic road way that cuts through the mountainous region of the Aurora province.

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