How To Go To Obando Fiesta

Obando,  a town north of Metro Manila in the province of Bulacan. The town s popular for its Fertility Festival, celebrating the Feasts of St. Claire, St. Paschal and Nuestra Señora de Salambao. The Obando Fertility Festival‘s ancient name was Kasilonawan Festival how ever this teerm has not been used for a while now and people now just refer to the event simply as the Obando Fiesta or the more popular Obando Fertility Festival. So for those couples who’d like to join the rituals here’s a quick guide on how to go to obando, bulacan

The Obando fiesta will be celebrated this year from May 17 – 19, 2018.


The whole experience will give you goose bumps as the procession culminates with dancing inside he Obando Church.

So how do you get to to Obando?

How To Go To Obando

Via Public Transport 

  • (Option 1) From Monumento take a jeep going to Paco or Obando this will pass through Obando.
  • (Option 2) From Monumento or EDSA take a jeep or bus to Malanday. From Malanday you ride a jeep to Obando.

Notes: It is highly possible that jeeps going to Obando may be highly limited, in this case you may take a jeep to Polo then to Obando. Also Jeeps may cut their trips nearing the town because of traffic so you might need to walk a few hundred meters to the town center.


  • be sure to come early to avoid the influx of people, there’s also a high chance of the public transport to get through up to the town.
  • The procession usually starts by 9 AM
  • The feast of St. Clare is the when most people come to dance asking for a child.

Obando Town Fiesta

Obando Town Fiesta

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