Mui Ne Hostel: Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel Review

mui ne hills budget hotel

Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel is situated at the hilly part central part of the Mui Ne beach area. The hotel as its name suggest offers very affordable accommodation. I got attracted to the three pools that they have. I got this notion that if a hostel can afford to maintain a good pool, it has got to be a good one as it takes a lot of effort.


Mui Ne Hills Budget Hote’s location is quite a good one. It is centrally located in the city where you can walk to many establishments that can cater to your needs. The hostel can be accessed vai a small uphill alleyway that leads you to a fork on the road where the hostel is right on the middle. The property is also a short walk to the beach. If you have the intention of hanging out by the shore this can be a good base.

mui ne hills budget hotel

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The price for Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel are quite cheap, yep not even affordable -it is dirt cheap. We initially booked dorm beds for about $6 with free cancellation anytime. It was a pretty good deal for us already. Then a few days before our trip the hostel went on sale in and got to snatch the same beds for half the price. In general the prices in Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel are quite affordable and shouldn’t be an issue.


As I mentioned earlier, Mui Ne Hills Budget Hostel’s amenities are quite impressive. They have three swimming pools, a restaurant and a wide variety of accommodation that you can choose from be it a private room or a dorm style room. They also have tours running that will take you around Mui Ne and show you the attractions of the city like the white and red sand dunes and fairy stream. Each room has en-suite bathrooms so there’s actually no need for you to go out of the room even if you are staying in the dorms.

mui ne hills budget hotel

mui ne hills budget hotel

The Rooms

The dorm room they have are pretty standard, nothing remarkable that made me feel it is somewhat special than others. We came in really early so we actually saw how the beds were made for us. All sheets and pillow cases are new and they actually try to make each bed look comfy.

The beds are quite on the hard side but the pillows are comfortable. The dorm room that we were assigned in was quite big. It was really hot that day so we were actually seeking for some air conditioning comfort when we came back from the tour. The room had one split type air conditioner which was great for a big room. However the big dorm room also had a big glass sliding door right below the aircon. Since it was a big room with many people occupying, the big doors where constantly opening and closing making it difficult for the room to actually cool down.

mui ne hills budget hotel

mui ne hills budget hotel



I’m not sure if they are actually employed by the mui ne hills budget hotel or just working in exchange of accommodation. We were actually helped properly but it felt like we were unwanted specially with the western staff. the way they look at us were somewhat judging us. While hanging out at the pool area they western staff were also looking at us as if we were being talked about. I’ve been traveling a lot and this is the first time I’ve felt discriminated. Also at the pool area we were asked to leave and transfer to the second pool because it was meant for hotel guests. We kept on saying that we are staying in the hotel but the viet staff seem not to understand or acknowledge it.

If you are a westerner, I’m pretty sure you wont experience the same in this hostel but if you look Asian you might want to think twice. I’d like to think that it was just me who felt that way but my friends I was with confided to me on our way back to Ho Chi Minh about the same feeling.

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