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  • Bangkok Hostel: Zee Thai Hostel

    Bangkok Hostel: Zee Thai Hostel

    We were on a 12 day backpacking trip of the Indochina region of Southeast Asia and a few of my friends went ahead to Thailand. They didn’t have the luxury of time. They were booked at the same hostel where the rest of us will be staying. But when they got to the hostel, they…

  • Liwliwa Hostel: Limbonis Hideout

    Liwliwa Hostel: Limbonis Hideout

    The newest and possibly the most backpacker friendly the Limbonis Hideout is a a hostel found and built by a traveler himself. This Liwliwa hostel offers private and dorm accommodation. What I Like About Limbonis Hideout Aside from the fact that it was built by a backpacker for backpackers, here are a few more things…