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  • Beach Days In Pattaya

    Beach Days In Pattaya

    Knowing that I’ll be travelling mostly inland during my Indochina solo backpacking trip, I made it a point that I’ll see the sea. At least once. It was kinda difficult finding a way to put Pattaya on the route to Cambodia without going back to Bangkok. There was little information about transportation  from there to…

  • How To Get To Pattaya From Aranyaprateth

    How To Get To Pattaya From Aranyaprateth

    Most travelers coming from Cambodia opts to go straight to Bangkok as soon as they cross the border to Aranyaprateth. But if you are looking for to have some time under the Thai Sun a quick stop over in Pattaya can satisfy your craving for some sand between your toes. One can get to Pattaya…

  • Vans From Pattaya to Aranyaprateth

    Vans From Pattaya to Aranyaprateth

    The most popular way of  going to Siem Reap from Thailand usually is through Bangkok. But one route that is  not that popular because of the lack of information available is through Pattaya. This route is good if you are wanting to see the beach before you leave Thailand. In Bangkok, go to the North or…