It was my first time in Los Angeles in more than a decade. Things have changed since, of course, and I was pretty confused about how I can get to Hollywood where my hostel is. I really didn’t research how I could get out of the airport, to be honest. I was feeling a bit adventurous and confident at the same time. I felt like I should know this, this feels like home. It was challenging. I learned things the hard way, but that was fun no regrets at all. So let me share with you the ways I found how to get out of LAX.

Booking Uber isn’t really a convenient straightforward option for LAX. You will have to get to the pickup area where all ride-sharing cars take riders. To get there, take the shuttle bus that circles around all the terminals and brings passengers to the pickup point. I paid about 60 USD from LAX to my Hollywood hostel. Also, carpooling with other passengers is disabled if you are coming from the airport.

Taxis are also found at the pickup point which they fondly call LAX-it, maybe it’s like a play of word from Exit? I don’t really know. Again you can take the shuttle or maybe walk if you don’t have any luggage. It’s just right beside terminal 1. Flag down for taxis as of writing is $2.50, I found something online though that says they can service you for about less than $50.

If you have a number of bags and luggage, and putting them on a bus tugging them to LAXit is just unimaginable, you might want to hire a private car for yourself. They can just simply wait you at the parking and pull out to pick you up at your terminal when you are ready. There’s a good number of private cars that you can hire, but of course it’s gonna cost more comparing it to Uber or Lyft.

The cheapest way though to get out of LAX though is via the LAX Flyaway bus. It shuttles passengers from LAX to Union Station in DTLA (downtown L.A.) for just $9.75. From there it’s around $11 to Hollywood.

Keep in mind though that the bus, like I said, is a shuttle. it does not make any stop. So if you are going to nearby neighborhoods such as Inglewood, where I first stayed, it would be best to just either hire a car or, book an Uber or Lyft.

Got better ideas how to get out of LAX? Share it with everyone in the comments section!