Baguio Travel Guide

Longing for a quick escape from Metro Manila. Well one of the most common answer that would pop up is Baguio! I must say that Baguio always is a good idea for a quick vacation or unwinding. It is relatively easy to reach by taking a bus but it is also very tourist friendly specially for first time travelers. Continue reading

Taiwan Now Visa Free For Filipinos Starting November 1, 2017

Starting November 1 2017, Filipinos will be allowed to enter Taiwan Visa Free on a trial basis until July 31, 2018. The said visa free policy will allow Filipinos to enter Taiwan specially for tourism for up to 14 days at a time, annouced by the Taipei Economic and Cultural office (TECO) in the Philippines. Continue reading

Tabaco City’s Tabak Festival

With a confused mind I was on a bus bound to Bicol to a city called Tabaco. I was one of the the bloggers that the city invited to witness the Tabak Festival. I was battling in my mind why would the city celebrate Tabak instead of Tabaco which is a type of plant used to make cigars. Anyways, I just slept on the bus on a 12 hour journey from Manila. Well, at least I tried to sleep.

As soon as the light came in, I was greeted by this majestic view. Something that I’ve only seen on books until that day, The Mayon volcano. I was truly blessed as Mayon showed it self clearly that day, as if he was welcoming me to Bicol. I’ve heard of friends who spent days even up to a week at a time and never got to see the glorious Mayon in its entirety. With that I am grateful. Not bad for a welcome for a Bicol virgin like me.

I hopped off the at Tabaco City bus stop and was fetched by Verna our ever caring tour coordinator. After checking in I was introduced to Dave of  who’s also my room mate for the next few days. Celine of on the other hand arrived the day after.

The Festival Origin

The Tabak Festival celebrates the city’s renowned craft of making the Tabak, a type of sword used mostly by farmers to cut through shrubs and other plants to clear a field or just plainly cut open a fresh coconut. The city formulated the festival to celebrate annually the its cityhood in 2003 just a year after it was granted such status.


The festival focuses on the Tabak’s culture and its people’s daily lives. It aims to celebrate the spirit of the city’s community caring for each other and living harmoniously. Fittingly, the city hashtagged #cityoflove during the festivities and yes, you can see love all around. You can feel that more than competing with each other contenders enjoy and show their best for the love of their city.

The Festivities

Focusing on its residents’ daily living the festivities include boat racing, pedicab race, coconut husking and beauty pageants. The week long festivities are then capped with the Tabak Festival grand parade.

 Boats waiting for the race to start


 Pedicab Race Finishers waiting for the rest of the pack


LGU night performers



 Mutya ng Tabakla Candidates

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 Rock Tabak Concert


 Mayor Krisel enjoying the night with senior citizens during the seniors night


 Live band for the city’s senior citizens


 Mutya ng Tabak Candidates

During the LGU night w had a chance to chat with Mayor Krisel and asked about the city’s name. It was really difficult to focus on her story. looking at such beautiful and intelligent mayor (yeeeee kakakilig hahaha) telling a story??? Hahahaha! Anyways, She told the story of how the city came to be known at Tabaco City. Once upon a time…. Kidding! According to a fable (not kidding now) there’s this heroine who fought with a Tabak. She was caught off guard without her Tabak, she commanded her offspring “Anak ang Tabak Ko!” (son hand me my Tabak) hence Tabak Ko which later evolved to Tabaco. According to the good mayor, there’s not even a single Tabaco plantation n the city.

To be honest, the Tabak Festival isn’t as big as many of the famous festivals in the country. What’s special about this though is that it celebrates humanity. That we need each other, care for your neighbor. there are very few festivals that celebrates this side of us being humans. Many celebrate saints history but very few celebrate who we are and who we should be. I think it is a good thing to visit Tabaco City and experience the Tabak Festival and see for your selves how people take care of each other in Bicol’s City of Love.

Read more about the Tabak Festival from Celineism and Silverbackpacker

The Tale of Two Tabacos

Tabak Festival Fun Games


Cebu Pacific Piso Fare September 1 – March 15, 2018

The Philippines largest low cost carrier, CebuPacific Airlines just launched their latest PISO FARE offering!

For as low as 452.12 pesos customers can book flights to selected destinations with travel dates starting September 1, 2017 until March 2018.  Perfect for those early planners and backpackers who loves going on trips at a very low cost.

Where To Book

Check out their website to book your flights at CebuPacificAir.Com

Liwliwa Hostel: La Zerena Beach Resort

Searching for a private room in Liwliwa, San Felipe Zambales can be difficult on a weekend when everything is almost fully booked. Good thing we wandered a bit more and found La Zerena just across Circle Hostel.

We took one of their nipa huts that is good for two to three persons. The comfort rooms are communal located near the huts are reasonably clean and water is good.

The resort is about two to three minutes walk to the beach.

la zerena resort

 la zerena resort


 la zerena resort


 la zerena resort

Priced at 1,200 La Zerena nipa huts are quite affordable specially if there’s going to be three of you splitting the cost. I also like the resort’s location since it is just right beside Fely’s Canteen and store where we bought most of our necessities.

Airconditioned rooms though are priced at 3,000 pesos good for two.

PisoFare: CebuPacific Travel From June 10 -December 10, 2017

After a loooooooooooooong while, Cebu Pacific Air is back with their piso fare!

Cebu Pacific or CebPac as it is more popularly know came to popularize pisofares which sparked the domestic travel surge in the country. However CebPac has yet to pull another pisofare promo since last year until today!

So what are you waiting for head on to to book your flight!



How to choose accommodations online

One of the most critical decision making for backpackers is choosing the right accommodation for their trip. It has to be a perfect balance between a good price, sanitation, service and security.

We’ve come up with some pointers to help you on how to decide for your accommodation.

> Set a price range
Determine how much you are willing to spend. Create a good range so that you can still be flexible with the choices that would come up on your search. Allowing you to bargain or maybe compromise on some luxury if any since you have a budget that you are working on, making it a good deciding tool in choosing your accommodation.

how to search for a cheap hotel Photo by Moyan Brenn

> Determine the best location
Where do you want to stay, find the best location that is proximate to convenience stores, markets and transportation that will enable you to move around quickly and get things such as food easily. It may be a bit off the attractions that you are going to see as prices to these kind of accommodation are off the hook most of the time but a good access to transportation modes such as the bus and train will be most helpful.

how to search for a cheap hotelPhoto by  StreetFly JZ

> Security
this is practically part of determining the area of your accommodation, but I wanted to point this out seperately as this is one big factor in your decision making. One could get a great location, easy access to stuff but is just right off near a neighborhood with a bad reputation. Prioritize safety.

how to search for a  cheap hotelPhoto by TimLee90

> Sanitation
As much as you want to save money for your accommodation it is also important to have a good clean room. Most common mistake about selecting accommodation is the notion that you’ll just be sleeping in it since you will be out touring and exploring. We must also keep in mind that after all the tiring activity you’d be needing a good night sleep and rest and musky old room infested with bugs wouldn’t help in getting one for you at all.

how to search a cheap hotel Photo by Magalie L’Abbé

Choosing the right accommodation can be a daunting task but with the right tools like hotel search engines and online booking companies like Agoda that helps you get the best prices available will lighten up the burden. Just keep stick with what you want and how much you are willing to bargain for and everything should be alright.

Got more tips? Leave it at the comments below, we’d love to hear it from you!

5 Places To Visit In Manila On Rainy Days

Satisfying your wanderlust can be a bit frustrating when it rains, when you can’t really climb mountains or enjoy a good day at the beach. Here are a few things/places that you can do or visit when Mr. Sunshine decides not to come out.

1. National Museum of the Filipino People (National Museum)
Location: Taft Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
Prices: Free on Sundays, Php 120 (Adult) Closed on Mondays

Photosource: Wikipedia

Sometimes overlooked by locals, The National Museum – formally known as The National Museum of the Filipino People- has massively improved over the last decade. Not only does it houses national treasures of gold and priceless artifacts, it is also now expanding to the Filipino’s Natural History and the acquisition of new buildings.

2. Trampoline Park
Location: Greenfields District, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Prices: Starts at 320


Go back to your childhood with all the jumping that you did. Well you can’t jump on your bed anymore or else you’d break it, but your can jump all you want at the first and only trampoline park in the Philippines.

3. Malling
Location: Everywhere
Prices: Free to shopping spree

Photosource: Wikipedia

Probably something mundane for the a Metro Manila local, but if you are a tourist the Mall is a tourist spot that you should check out on your visit in city. Manila hosts some of the biggest malls in the world, yep you read that right, boasting thousands of square meters of mixed retail, entertainment, sports, cultural and even spritual centers all in one roof. Being a tropical country, the mall has become the Philippine’s sort of town center where people converge and commune for most cities as it provides comfort with its climate controlled environment. Top Malls to visit are

Mega Mall


Robinsons Galleria

SM Mall of Asia


Sharila Plaza Mall

4. DreamPlay
Location: City Of Dreams Aseana Business Park, Paranaque City
Prices: Starts at Php 380 for kids and Php 210 for adults

Probably the closest that you can get to that Disneyland and Universal Studios feel here in the Philippines. Dreamscape’s Dreamland showcases attraction from Dreamscape’s movie franchises such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.

5. Mystery Manila
Location: Unit 9A 2/F JW Plaza Bldg., E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City
Prices: Minimum of two players (Max of 5) at Php 400 – Php 500 per pax.

Remember those games that you play on your PC where you try to solve mysteries through a series of clues? Well this game just got real! Enter different rooms with mysteries to be solved just the same way as you would on your computer, if you are challenged by these type of games virtually we are pretty sure that you’d enjoy it even better in person.

See rainy days don’t have to be that boring. You just need to know what to do and where to go. Manila is full of life only that sometimes these pockets of fun are hidden within the nooks and cranny of the metro and we are more than happy to help you find them!

If you have suggestions on what else to do on a rainy day in Manila, leave them on the comment section or if you want to be featured on the site let us know through email we are here to help you send the word out!

Safe Surf: Learn Surfing With The Experts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are like me who have all these kinds of fears and are just obsessive compulsive when it comes to safety, but on the other hand wants to go on adventures like surfing you should definitely try out Tropical Swells.


Tropical Swells is a school founded by experts in surfing with years of experience with the aim of teaching surfing to everyone in a safe environment until you are ready for the open waters! Sounds just like for me… hahaha!

Tropical Swells invited us for a day of safe surfing in a controlled environment, where? At Whiterock Beach Resort! They will be walking you through from the basics till you learn how to ride the waves one step at the time at the pace that you’d feel comfortable with.

If you want to try out surfing and learn it from the experts you may check their information below and start riding those waves.





If you are interested and got a few questions in your mind, you may head to or email them at