Ningxia Night Market Eat Out

On my last couple of days in Taipei on my last trip there. I hanged out with a local friend checking out the area I was staying at all the way to the underground Taipei City Mall. To my surprise he actually planned to bring me to one of the best food night markets there is in Taipei, the Ningxia Night Market.

Ningxia Night Market sits a few city blocks away north of the Taipei Main Station. It was very walkable, at least for us, but the metro can also be taken to get you there faster.

Taipei Main Station

Posing like a true tourist in front of the Taipei Main Station signage in written in Hanzi

Food Coma At Ningxia

I was feeling touristy that night so I surrendered being the explorer that I am and just allowed my self be surprised by my friend. The Ningxia Night Market is a short stretch of road closed at night that is filled with food stalls offering wide food selections. There are food that can also be found in other night markets so I chose the ones that I haven’t tried or haven’t seen in other night markets.

One challenge though in the Ningxia Night Market because it is not a major tourist night market is that most stalls do not have English signages. I was very lucky though because I am with my good friend York! Yep tourist mode on!

First dish that I tried was a baked sea food clam. It was just not a simple clam baked with cheese though. The dish is actually a medley of sea foods like squid or octopus. Imagine a good medley of those all baked into cheesy goodness! A bit on a pricey side though I think it was worth the price.

Next stop was our drinks. I think the drink I got is actually a Filipino obsession, Yakult. You know that if we could get bigger servings of this rich drink we would. Dream fulfilled! Towards the end of the street we found a stall that sells Yakult slush!

York has a place in mind though. He took me at the cross road at the end of the street where a permanent food shop was. It was a pretty sure shot that it’s gonna be awesome, the line was long! We fell in line to be served then I asked what were lining up for? I learned that the huge line of people was one of the iconic Taiwanese dish, the Oyster Omelet!

The Oyster Omelet is served with condiments on the side to compliment the dish. The omelet it self has a sticky consistency possibly because of the casava flour used to make it stick together. It could be a bit weird when you take your first bite being the oyster having  gooey texture. It may take a few bites to get used to it and the sauce will surely help you like it.

With the main dish done, I guess dessert is just appropriate. I’ve tasted the Taiwanese mochi before so I was quite unsure of how this one would turn out.

I took my first bite and I was just so surprised on how good it was! The ice wasn’t that sweet or milky at all but the peanut and red bean mochi did deliver! It was a delight how a desert so simple like this can surprise you with such experience.

Price Range

Price range for food selection in the Ningxia Night Market still is affordable. Nothing crazy! Dishes can be as low as NT$50. It is best to come to the night market with friends. This way you can sample more food while splitting the cost among your friends.

How to get to Ningxia Night Market

The Ningxia Night Market is very accessible. Coming from Ximen you can take the MRT Red Line and get off at the Shunglian Station. Take exit #1 or 2 and walk 500 meters west of the Minsheng West Road. You can also walk just 1KM north of Taipei Main Station!

So if you are seeking for some food solitude in your trip, when you just want to see food and no shopping distractions, come to Ningxia Night Market. It will not disappoint you.

I would like to give special thanks to my awesome friend York for letting me use his photos for this blog post.

Featured image courtesy of llee_wu