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  • 48 Hours In Manila

    48 Hours In Manila

    Manila has the infamous reputation of just being a stop over. Foreign tourists who has no business in Manila opt to stay for a night to rest and fly out first thing the following day. Most traveler thinks that Manila is some sterile place where you got nothing to do, nothing to see and nothing…

  • Manila Flights Cancelled and Adjusted

    Manila Flights Cancelled and Adjusted

    Due to an upcoming radar maintenance in Tagaytay city.Advisories from airlines with flights going to and from Manila are slowly coming in. Although not all flights are cancelled some are have been readjusted as work around. Here are the announcements per Airline Company Air Asia   Philippine Airlines     Cebu Pacific Air CEB Advisory –…

  • 5 Places To Visit In Manila On Rainy Days

    5 Places To Visit In Manila On Rainy Days

    Satisfying your wanderlust can be a bit frustrating when it rains, when you can’t really climb mountains or enjoy a good day at the beach. Here are a few things/places that you can do or visit when Mr. Sunshine decides not to come out. 1. National Museum of the Filipino People (National Museum) Location: Taft…