Flying To Taiwan Before The Chaos

So last 2019, before the pandemic, I brought my mom to Taiwan. After traveling alone for a few years, I thought of bringing my family along in my trips. Though one at a time at least I fulfill my plans of traveling with them.

Off we go to Taipei then!

In this first video, you see us fly from Manila to Taipei, Taiwan. We took separate planes, cause budget, to get there. She took an earlier Philippine Airlines flight and I had CebuPacific. Believe it or not, though, her flight was cheaper than mine! LOL!

She did wait for me a few hours at the airport since her flight is way earlier than mine, I on the other hand waited for several hours for my flight because I brought her to the airport. Both of us got a fair share of waiting, LOL! I did offer to send her to the hotel as soon as she arrives but she opted to wait instead.

Anyways, here’s what happened that day!